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  • STREET COURSE STREET COURSE Over the years, KTR's Street section has expanded by over 3500 sq. ft. and is constantly being changed up to incorporate the latest in street and plaza design. Find banks, handrails, flat bars, kinked rails, hubbas, a-frames, stairs, manny pads, euro gaps, quarter-pipes, and padded handrails for practice!
  • DESERT BOWL DESERT BOWL A perfect bowl to learn how to pump corners and keep speed...endless lines, perfect hips, tight corners, long flat walls, and an extension for vert tricks. One of the best bowls ever built. Come skate it to believe it!
  • Mini-Mega Ramp Mini-Mega Ramp KTR has one of the only indoor mini-mega ramps in the U.S. This is the same ramp that X Games "Big Air" competitors, Jagger Eaton and Trey Wood, got their start and still use to progress on. The mini-mega goes from a 15ft roll in to 14ft gap to bank landing into a 10ft quarter pipe. Once you learn how to ride it, you'll be asking for the removeable rail and using the wall-ride.
  • MINI RAMPS & SPINE MINI RAMPS & SPINE Our 4ft mini ramp with extenion is the perfect size to learn all your transition tricks. The fun rollers makes it easy to transfer over to the 3ft spine ramp or gather speed for the next section.
  • MICRO MINI MICRO MINI Our micro mini is the perfect ramp for beginners to learn transition skills. It's also a great place for trying and gaining confidence with new technical tricks.
  • Vert Ramp with Foam Pit Vert Ramp with Foam Pit Comprised from the 2009 X-Games Park course and DC Vert Ramp, our Vert ramp towers at 13'6"; 16'6" at its peak roll in. The 45 sheets of skatelite span 50' of indoor space with a foam fit! With this ramp to practice on, you'll be thrashing in no time!
  • Trampolines Trampolines Our trampoline section is the perfect spot to learn aerial awareness and new tricks. Grab our foam board to get the feel of new flips and spins.

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